Memmia cryopreservation ad rederivation

Cryopreservation and rederivation

If you need to prevent genetic drift, to reduce mouse maintenance costs, or need a safe and rapid way to eradicate infections, we cryopreserve and rederive your precious mouse strains.

Memmia Generation of transgenic mice

Generation of transgenic mice

If your research project requires a specific animal model, we introduce in the mouse genome the mutation or the transgene you need.

Memmia Custom service for your needs

Custom services for your needs

Our long-lasting experience with laboratory animals is at your service. Whatever you need, just ask: we will find the best way to help you.

About Memmia

Isola Memmia is a small green island rising up in the center of Prato della Valle, one of the largest city squares in Europe, located in Padova. As isola Memmia represents a landmark for many tourists visiting Padova every day, we propose our newborn research spin-off MEMMIA (Mouse Embryo Manipulation and Molecular Intervention on Animals) as a reference point for researchers who need help with projects involving laboratory animals.

MEMMIA is hold up by the experience, the passion and the dedication of its founding members: three academic experts in animal research and a doctor in veterinary medicine.

Our mission is to provide biomedical researchers with all the help they need to achieve robust and successful results: we are experts in mouse embryo manipulation and cryopreservation of transgenic mouse lines. We also perform delicate surgical procedures, we support every step of your project involving animals.

Memmia team

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